The booth is the best platform for a company to show to the public. Customers can feel the company’s products and atmosphere intuitively from the booth. The exhibition is a communication between the company and the public actually. So, what kind of booth design can attract customers’ attention in the first time? The following points cannot be ignored!

First, follow the company’s product theme closely

The most important step for the bright booth is to provide intuitive feedback on the company’s theme and products to the visitors. They must not be confused when they leave the booth and have no knowledge of the company’s main business and products. Therefore, in the booth design, we need to highlight the company’s main business and products, and we must focus on this, and the rest of the creativity and design should not be overwhelming.

Second, Booth design attracts attention

Excluding the focus of the first step, the booth that satisfactorily reflects the company’s business and products still cannot be the most eye-catching design. So, how to attract people’s attention? It is necessary to work hard on the decoration of the surface of the booth, the color and size of the foundation. People are visual animals, special designs and stimulating colors will attract people’s attention, so that the booth will become the focus of the audience.

Third, learn to guide visitors to the exhibition

First of all, it is necessary not only to attract the attention of visitors to the exhibition with pictures and three-dimensional effects, but also to appropriately use path guidance and text design to attract visitors to the booth in the design of the booth. But it should be noted that a long discussion cannot keep one’s attention focused. What we need to do is to use a limited space and a concise and concise way to attract the attention of visitors to the exhibition just right, which is unforgettable.

Secondly, there is a problem with the viewing angle of the audience when viewing the exhibition. Choosing a more neutral background will not be overly attractive and even exceed the level of text design. The text design should also be placed at the angle of people’s head-up, so that it is easy to be read by visitors.

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