Due to different environments, the requirements for booth design are also different. What we should pay attention to when designing the exhibition booth and what are the best ways to improve booth effect in China?

First,Location selection

It is necessary to consider the requirements of booth design and customer opinions, we should select and determine the location of the booth reasonably, and make feasibility comments based on uncontrollable factors such as weather. Determine whether the exhibition will be outdoors or indoors, and then carry out detailed planning and design. Because indoor and outdoor booth design schemes are completely different, the location of the booth is very important.

Second,Set up emergency plans

Due to weather problems, the scene is chaotic and other problems. If there are strong winds, heavy rains, and power outages, we need to prepare emergency plans in advance. When problems occur, we can respond to emergency treatment quickly.

Third,Power supply and network cable design

In the early stage of booth design, we must go to the actual site for planning and design. We need to consider the power and network issues to ensure that it can be used normally on the day of the exhibition. The wiring board and network cable are arranged in the early stage of the site layout. Must be prepared and planned, and arranged according to the actual site.

Fourth, the choice of booth construction materials

Different environments have different choices of materials. Indoor and outdoor materials are very different. If it is held outdoors, we need to contact the manufacturer to select and purchase materials in advance. The requirements for materials will be very high. Therefore, we need to determine the choice of materials with customers during the preliminary communication, and make several sets of suggestions.

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