Company : SWAN Wine Group

Square: 100m²

Venue:National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai)

Exhibition :SUPERWINE

Description:As one of the most professional procurement fairs in China’s import and export liquor industry, SUPERWINE has been successfully held in Shanghai for dozens of times, with a total exhibition area of more than 150,000 square meters and hundreds of thousands of excellent domestic and foreign suppliers And buyer resources. SWAN Wine Group attend this trade fair.China stand builder provided exhibition stand design and booth construction for it.

SWG focuses on the wine export market in the Asia-Pacific region, creating a new winemaking tradition, and has now become a highly acclaimed premium Australian wine producer in the international market.

In order to better promote the products at the exhibition site, you must make a good exhibition stand design,now China booth construction YiMu Exhibition will tell you:

First,booth design must be flexible.

Due to the increasingly fierce competition, the demand level and structure are constantly updated, and the market environment is changing rapidly. In this case, even an appropriate exhibition plan will have to be adjusted due to changes in the market environment, constraints and influencing factors. Modern exhibition planning not only embodies its scientific nature, but also has considerable flexibility. This is mainly due to the fact that the modern exhibition planning process is not a one-way decision-making process, but a two-way circulating decision-making process. From the beginning of the exhibition research to the latest exhibition effect evaluation, in response to changes in the market and consumer response, it can adjust and modify its plan in time, so that the entire exhibition planning activities can maintain full flexibility.

Second,booth design must be artistic.

The booth design should be artistic. The artistic performance of the booth design is expressed in:

One. The booth is attractive. The booth is very attractive, pleasing to the eye, giving a good feeling and leaving a deep impression. There are many factors for booth design, and it is necessary to use artistic techniques to combine these factors to produce good visual effects and good psychological effects as the basic requirements for booth design.

Two.The booth reflects the image of the exhibiting enterprise and conveys the intention of the exhibiting enterprise. If the exhibiting company is a large company, it cannot be designed as a street vendor image; if the exhibiting company wants to show its dominance in the aviation field, it cannot be designed as a model toy factory. Designers need to have a certain degree of artistic skills, need to rack their brains, and use concrete methods to express abstract exhibition ideas.

Third,The design of the booth cannot ignore the function of the exhibition.

Booth design should also be functional. Designers also need to consider internal functions when considering the external form and image, that is, to provide a good environment and conditions for booth personnel and booth work. This is a factor that many non-professional exhibition designers and even individual professional exhibition designers often ignore or do not pay attention to. The functionality of the booth design is as important as the artistry for exhibitors, and even more important. The realization of the purpose of the exhibition depends on the booth staff. The work efficiency of the booth staff ultimately determines the exhibition effect. In a comfortable and fully functional environment, booth personnel can work more efficiently.

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